June 2, 2017

Sleeping Beauty on Ice 1959 - What Might Have Been

I recently watched this documentary, The Fabulous Ice Age, about the golden age of the Icecapades. It was terrific! I highly recommend it. Trailer bellow:

A long time ago (when I was eight years old) my parents surprised me one day by taking me to see Disney's Beauty and the Beast on Ice (What!! - there were no words). So today I had the bright idea to look up if there was ever a Sleeping Beauty (my all time fav Disney movie) ice show. What I found was a snippet from a larger (recent) show that had a Sleeping Beauty segment. 

But just imagine, if you will (as I am doing!), if they had a Sleeping Beauty ice show at the same time the film was released - 1959. That is my dream for the day. Wouldn't that be something? Is anyone still with me? Look, maybe the BBC Radiophonic workshop provided the sound effects for this imaginary ice show? How about that?

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