March 11, 2017

Carousel Of The Planets vs. Anastasia

I feel like all these old Moog records are just so goofy it's hard to get into them - sometimes the goofiness actually hits the perfect note and the song is just wonderful, like with Rick Powell's Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town:

But I think that's pretty rare, and I digress! Usually, when I find an old Moog record the first thing I try to do is find the "pretty song". There isn't always a ballad but there's usually one song that's a bit more wistful than the others, if not still a little ridiculous sounding. On Perry and Kingsley's Kaleidoscopic Vibrations that song is Carousel of the Planets:

The melody of that whistle-y sound reminds me of Once Upon a December from Anastasia. It starts out just the same but then goes in a different direction. I know it seems a little over the top now but when I saw Anastasia in the theater when I was thirteen it felt like a big deal. It's still pretty amazing to me that Don Bluth (Disney's Robin Hood, An American Tail, The Land Before Time) finally made a hit Princess movie - and it really is a Don Bluth Princess movie, so much grittier than Disney's offerings in the Princess Department. 

What am I talking about! Have I lost the plot? Stay tuned to see what happens next!