February 10, 2017

Bruce Schwartz

I have to admit, I've never really been into this style of puppetry. It just never quite clicked with me. Today I discovered Bruce Schwartz and it hit me hard! In this piece, he did on the Muppet Show (accompanied by Cleo Laine), a man, or... seemingly gender neutral person, is lamenting their recently departed lover. It's just heartbreaking and by far the most sophisticated thing I've ever seen on this program. 

These days puppetry is a huge part of my life and work. I usually hate puppetry - I hate the way the culture around it has developed, I hate the meaningless discussions and the big personalities. I hate how hardly any real emotion is transmitted. But when I see videos like this, it reminds me of my earliest experiences with the art form and how enchanted I was, and why I'm still chasing that thing today. 

Thank you, Bruce Scwartz. 


  1. Was literally watching that excerpt from The Double Life of Véronique a few days ago and thought of sharing it with you for a second-- guess now I don't have to! That film seems to have such beautiful moments music- and cinematography-wise.. Never seen it all though.

    Also, hardly any emotion is transmitted anywhere these days -- emotional passivity has a monopoly on artistic production, and people actually seem to think that that's what they need. All the more reason to be an advocate for the opposite I guess

  2. SO strange we both discover it at almost the same exact time! Yeah, I want to watch the whole film at some point.

    The whole emotion thing is very strange.... I could go on and on.....