April 23, 2016

Time in a Bottle

Well, gosh! I don't remember seeing this as a kid on the Muppet Show. Maybe it wouldn't resonate so much with a little kid, but watching it now in middle age - I think it's possibly the most brilliant thing I've ever seen Jim Henson do. It's super sad and kind of funny at the same time. And I love all the technical elements - stirring actual liquids, then drinking them! The whole set is so intricate and kinetic. Love it.

Also - sorry about so many videos these days! Every post is a video! I wonder if it has anything to do with my journey into the world of video production? Probably. Anyway, I'll try to at least write something in each post.


This song is incredible! I guess I've heard it before, but... I don't know. I love it.

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