April 21, 2016

Can It Be?.... An RS-09?

I was listening to the soundtrack today for Full Circle when I thought I heard a Roland RS-09. What do you think?

The string sound that comes in around 2:35. The way the envelope cuts off the previous note when it goes to a new one. I think it's an RS-09. 

A few years ago I had a similar revelation while listening to a North of Cornwallis song. I asked Lester if it was in fact an RS-09 and he confirmed it was! I don't even remember what NOC song it was, but they are a terrific band, lest ye forget:

Well, gosh now that I am listening to this song. Check out the lead at 2:18. Must be an RS-09. It must.

Why do I even care?


  1. Hope you're doing well, staying creative and inspired in all things!(especially creatures of yes and cascading slopes). I certainly miss your updates but understand that life very often gets in the way, they are good reads and are inspiring to me!

  2. Thanks! Yes, there will be more Creatures of Yes and Cascading Slopes soon.