January 22, 2016

Making a Roland MC-8 Cable

This is just a congratulatory post to by best buddy David. A couple years ago he made an outrageous post on his blog about making a new connector cable for the Roland MC-8 from scratch. Check that out here:

Recently his hard work has been recognized by the "official" (in our hearts) Roland MC-8 blog. Here:

Congrats David, you are a genius. But I've always know that!


  1. Curious of what your thoughts are on the korg minilogue? Perhaps a hope for sensibly designed, low-end analog synthesizers rather than the awful stuff that has been seeming to saturate that end of the market?

  2. Oh, I think the korg minilogue is just brilliant. And I think Moog should be somewhat embarrassed over it's existence! Having the built in delay and reverb really give it a Radiophonic vibe (ems times!). And the built in oscilloscope is super fun!

    Overall I think it's just such a blessing to the analog synthesizer market, the price point is outrageous.

    My only complaints about it are 1) the way the patch memory is accessed with a knob. In my opinion the only purpose for patch memory is in a live setting, and in a live setting you should be able to instantly switch between sounds no matter where it is in the bank. With the knob you can't switch instantly and have to spend potentially valuable time "traveling" to your next sound.

    2) I don't love the design. I don't hate it, but I don't love it. Synthesizer design has gone the way of the Nike shoe. The Minilogue is a step in the right direction but still a bit needlessly futuristic.

    In another universe I would be buying one right now, no doubt.