January 22, 2016

Making a Roland MC-8 Cable

This is just a congratulatory post to by best buddy David. A couple years ago he made an outrageous post on his blog about making a new connector cable for the Roland MC-8 from scratch. Check that out here:

Recently his hard work has been recognized by the "official" (in our hearts) Roland MC-8 blog. Here:

Congrats David, you are a genius. But I've always know that!

January 20, 2016

Roland's 8th Annual Synthesizer Tape Contest

You may remember this post from ye olden days:


Well, we have a wonderful update! A person by the name of Syzygy has made the 8th Synthesizer Tape Contest recordings available for us:

FLAC: http://www.digitaldistortionbbs.com:81/Roland-8thSynthContest-FLAC.zip
MP3: http://www.digitaldistortionbbs.com:81/Roland-8thSynthContest-MP3.zip

I think this was 1983. Enjoy!

January 9, 2016

Cosmic Clock

Gosh, I've really let time get away from me. This is the most I've neglected this blog since it began. I've been super busy lately and some big things have happened in my life. The life behind the blog. The face of the faceless voice. 

I got married and I started this project: http://www.creaturesofyes.com (listed in order of importance).