June 5, 2015

Corita Kent

I'm really obsessed with Corita Kent right now. Thanks to René Pérez for introducing me! Here is a terrific little documentary about her and her artwork:

I love when she says "I think assignments are limitations and helpful in so far as they are limitations because they allow you to do something instead of everything. Assignments make a choice and say 'work within this area' and that in a sense frees you, you are free not to do everything."

I've always agreed with that logic. And it's one of the reasons I make music the way I do. There is a real freedom in working within limitations. Because you are free to do "something instead of everything". No one could ever do everything! So, it's nice to narrow your aperture and do "something" really well. And I think the eloquent way she explains this is great for young people and students to understand and appreciate the idea of an assignment, rather than to dislike it. 


  1. That's definitely the right approach. Doing something means putting a part of your soul into it; doing everything just means ticking boxes, and everyone can do that. Now that it's possible to do everything, that very important and distinctive 'something' is often missing from lots of people's work...

  2. So true! I think it only really became possible to do everything within the past decade. But I'm sure people ten years from now will probably think the same thing and that we were very limited in 2015.