December 26, 2014

Joy Electric - Melody Demo Tapes

Can you believe it? It's pretty crazy that these even exist. They are just so interesting, you can really hear the creative process and the links between Dance House Children and Joy Electric here. And so much TB-303 run amuck!

These songs are a gift from Plastiq Musiq for everyone who ordered the Melody Vinyl. 

artwork by the always brilliant Nathan Schroeder who also designed the covers for Starcadia, The Tick Tock Companion and a few other Joy Electric / Plastiq Musiq releases. 


  1. would be amazing if you post something about your own opinions on books and music, because the way you've been quoting along this blog it shows that you have an interesting and inteligent point of view, so it would be great to see one of that opinions more developed :) Cheers, Jake

  2. I can't get enough of the "Analogue Grand Diary" demo! It's one of my favorites from that album, and this early peek at it is fantastic :-) Love the bit that comes in at 1:20 (not in the final version).