November 12, 2014

The Latest

Gosh, I've been so busy - as you can see by the lowest post numbers in recent months since I've started this blog. I do still care about Mild Slopes, it is not forgotten! I've been on tour for the past month or so and have about another month still to go. Arrived in Holland last night and some how managed to beat the jet lag (a first for me!). In the above picture you can see some of my new set up, with the two Moog racks and a bunch of MU modules to supplement them. I've got modules from, Club of The Knobs, Moon Modular and Happy Nerding in there. I also have some modules from SSL and STG Soundlabs at home, but due to limited space none of those made it to the touring rig.

Once I get home I'd like to finally get all these MU modules into a proper home. I'm thinking the 44 space walnut cabinet and maybe the 22 space on top eventually. So, that will be something to blog about!

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