July 31, 2014

冨田勲 ISAO TOMITA Live at Linz Austria 1984 or The History of the Universe with Music, Lights, Laser and Fire Above the Danube

People sometimes muse about what great concerts in the past they wish they could have attended. For me it's Tomita's concert in Linz Austria in 1984. I would have been about 8 months old when it happened. I've been a huge Tomita fan since I was a kid, he's probably my favorite of all the old synthesist great. Anyway, on a trip home to Ohio last year (with David Barnhart, to visit Jon Sonnenburg actually!) I found this CD:  Tomita Live at Linz 1984. So, I've been listening to it and love it. But these videos of the show! Tomita (and some pals) are in a glass pyramid that's suspended over the water by a crane!

The whole show really reminds me of the Illuminations fireworks / water / laser show at Epcot. I wonder if one inspired the other? Even looking at these pictures, I feel like I'm a kid again looking at all the photos of my grandparents vacation to Epcot. Amateur photos of sparks and lasers shooting through smoke, probably taken on an old kodak disposable camera -- my imagination was all aflutter!

*these photos below are actually from a Tomita concert in Sydney, but I'd assume it was all the same props.

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