July 13, 2014

Concert Next Sunday

Hello readers,

If any of you are in the New York City area next sunday I'll be playing a short concert (probably about ten minutes) as part of a collective concert at the Quaker Meeting House on 15th St.

Here is the wonderful, exciting write-up for this event:

Come one, come all!
Relaxing musical event!
Free! And happiness and joy will abound.
Sunday, July 20th, 1pm to 2:30/3:00
15th St Meeting House/Meeting Room

Performers will include bagpiping John Maynard, Moog synthesizing Jacob Graham, spiritual/gospel singing D.D. Sims, Irish instruments and voice wizard Lorcan Otway, classical violinist Diana Smith-Barker.  There will also be a special guest or two!

Everyone welcome to 11:00 Meeting for Worship at 15th St before this event, and coffee/food between 12:00and 1pm immediately preceding the concert.

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