May 8, 2014

The Point

Arrow and Oblio

The Point (1971) was one of my favorite movies as a kid. I used to borrow a VHS tape of it from the library all the time. It's about a boy, Oblio, who has a round head but lives in a world where people only have pointy heads. Oblio is ostracized because of the shape of his head, even his parents don't know what to do about it when wearing a pointy hat isn't enough. It's narrated by Dustin Hoffman (a latter version was narrated by Ringo Star).

Turns out the whole movie was based on a concept album by Harry Nilsson, who's songs are played throughout. I never knew that! But I suppose that's why the whole thing seems like a Yellow Submarine for children. I like the idea of Yellow Submarine but the whole thing just seems like a bunch on nonsense. The Point strikes the perfect balance, in my opinion, because it has a real story arc. See for yourself...

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  1. I love the use of water colours in this