May 31, 2014

Finally, a Practical, MUSICAL Application for Sample & Hold!

I'm definitely admitting a lot of ignorance here; but I've just never, in all my years of playing and programing synthesizers, found a useful purpose for a Sample & Hold circuit. People always say "No, they're super useful!" and then proceed to sample a noise source and produce your classic computing / calculating sound. Who needs it!

Well, here it is! Someone using Sample & Hold to produce a lovely melodic passage. Can't wait to try it out for myself. Thanks Doug!

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  1. Jacob, this is Nikmis. I don't have any videos, but I use sample and hold all the time for vibrato purposes. I want the vibrato rate and level to change subtly and randomly every note, so I patch noise into the sample and hold, note gate into the clock input, and then the output into the vibrato LFO cv input or the VCA that the vibrato is ran through before it gets to the VCOs.