April 21, 2014

To Become Cautiously Aquatinted

I've never considered myself one of Delia Derbyshire's loyal, diehard followers. I've always thought that I was just sort of vaguely interested in her. But for years now I've been reading articles, listening to music and interviews... I think that little by little we're actually become pretty close. We're both a little shy and socially awkward so I can understand it taking so long. But anyway, just today I was listening to an interview and she said:
"The 60's was a lovely blooming time but something happened in the 70's which made it not right. The world went out of tune with itself. The BBC was out of tune with itself. London went wrong, the country went wrong- the world! There was something that went wrong, to me, everything was out of tune in the world. So I fled the BBC and I thought I'd go as far north in England as I can. "

It really struck me. I've always felt like the world must have gone wrong in many ways around that time. I've never been able to describe exactly how, and even as she fumbled over her own description; "out of tune with itself" seems to really hit the nail on the head.

Delia, I can finally say that you and I are without a doubt kindred spirits.


  1. the bbc made a great radioplay about the life of delia derbyshire

    here it is : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5_HzyUiKnU

  2. Yeah, I've heard that radio play. I absolutely LOVE the idea of the whole thing. But I feel that whoever played the part of Delia did a pretty poor job... or at least a lazy job. Delia had such an amazing speaking voice. You'd think that playing the part of Delia Derbyshire would be an actor's dream! Imitating that incredible voice! But instead she just spoke kind of normally. When she could have been talking like this: