April 3, 2014

It's Finally Happened...

I saw Kraftwerk perform tonight. I've been a fan since I was a kid, have all their records and always wanted to see them, but it's always seemed impossible to get tickets (in this city!). But some how it happened this time. Jonathan and I went together. We had a lovely time. I've heard (I'm sure you have too) about how boring Kraftwerk can be live. Well, this show was sort of special... it was in 3D! That's right, 3D glasses and everything. I feel like I waited till just the right time to see them.

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  1. I remember they were in Hong Kong last May, and it was 3D. Lots of my friends went, but I didn't because I was about to graduate and I was too busy. I was devastated. They said it was an amazing live!
    I went to see Peter Hook & the light last week. Between Closer and Unknown Pleasures there was a break, and they played Trans Europa Express!!!!! I secretly think it was the best song that night:)))

    P.S. I was your big fan. I've been listening to the Cascading Slopes album for a while. I love both the lyrics and melody and of course the synthesizer! I bought the CD. I am really looking forward to the Drums 3rd album. Hope you guys tour China sometime in the future. I will definitely go.

    P.S. We call you SWEETHEART in China because this is who you really are.

    Anyway, Hope you have a nice day, and Jonny as well!