March 20, 2014

Tone Color #2

Ever since I got the Moog Subphatty (I know, that name has got to go! Thank goodness they're fazing it out on the new Sub37), I haven't quite been able to get to sound I wanted. It just sounded too Moogy or something. I know I know, it is a Moog synthesizer, of course it's going to sound like a Moog. But I've owned or possessed a few Moogs in the past (Prodigy, Rogue, Opus 3, Mini-Model D) and I was always able to get the clear tone I was looking for. 

This new Synthesizer has that "Multidrive" so you can sort of over drive your sound after the filter -- definitely not something I'm interested in so I've always kept that firmly turned off.  But what I didn't realize was that the Oscillators would overdrive before hitting the filter if you turned them up past ten! I'd just assumed that you should always have your Oscillators cranked to get the cleanest signal. But if you turn these guys up past ten, they distort, so your saw tooth or triangle waveforms all end up becoming square waves essentially.

So, I've finally discovered how to get the clear, floating, other-worldly tones of my dreams on this synthesizer. My mind is still growing! And so is yours!


  1. ever tried the voyager? i get pretty clear sounds out of mine. a lot of moog purists think the voyager sounds too clean, but this sounds like something you might be into.

  2. I loved your first post about tone colour Jacob, it really opened my mind up about the filtering i do on my Rolands, I hardly ever have the filter fully open now!

    I don't know if you've heard of him, but the guy behind 'The Analogue Roland Orchestra' uses colours to describe the structural sound pallette of his work. It's probably not your type of music, but its a nice watch, and he has quite a collection!