March 13, 2014

So Quiet...

Sorry it's been so long. I guess I've been pretty busy with work and... I don't know, it's hard to say. The funny thing is, I feel like I'm more interested in synthesizers than ever before.  I have that feeling again like I did when I was a kid, a belief that synthesizers are the key to an unexplored new frontier  of sound and magic! I didn't think I'd ever feel that way again. For the longest time I would look at a huge modular synthesizer and see little more than an organ. It had all just become so common place.

I must thank my new friend Llamano for bringing me back to this point (see previous post). She is such an inspiration! A true talent! I also should probably admit that I think my vintage Roland fetish has finally reached it's logical end. Don't get me wrong, there are certain Roland pieces that I'll always use and enjoy, but there's just nowhere else to go. Perhaps Roland's latest line pushed me over the edge. All hope for a wonderful new Roland product has died. They were releasing far more interesting things in the 90's (SH-32 etc..), well certainly better than this rubbish they're currently peddling. But it's nothing to be sad about. Quite the contrary! We're living in a somewhat exciting time for analog synthesizers. I'm probably going to get that new Arp Odyssey from Korg when it comes out. Wouldn't it be great to own an Arp Odyssey for a sensible price?

I am interested in the MacBeth Elements and Nexus 1 synthesizers. Those touch plates are really interesting to me. But who knows when they'll be released (been talking about them for years and still no release date in sight!). And when it comes down to it will the cost really be worth having the curiosity of a touch plate keyboard in my studio? Now, before you jump down my throat -- I know these are extremely quality synthesizers, not just a curiosity. But in the end my frugality will probably hold me back (as it should). The same thing happened with the new Buchla Music Easel. I was really interested in that and when they released the price I just couldn't bring myself to it. It's just not practical for music creation when you could be getting a massive system from for the same price.

I think I may go down to Rough Trade today after I get a little work done and check out that Moog Installation.  I never really enjoy these sorts of things, but I feel like I should go when they're in town. 


  1. im torn between the arp odyssey reissue and the sub 37....but im leaning towards the 37 ever so slightly. problem is, i already have so much moog! but i love them so much.

    i would never purchase a buchla. expensive, and looks to me like a toy to fiddle with rather than a musical instrument. the only modular system i could ever use practically is the dot com...which is why i use it!

  2. I have only had contact with a modular via the Roland System 100, but i've seen a live demonstration of the system 700, and to me, that is the dream modular synthesizer! Such a powerful and individual instrument.


  3. Agreed. That System 700 just seems like a dream! It's like the best of every worlds: Roland synthesizer with a Moog style architecture. But they must be super rare. I don't think I've ever seen one for sale. I wonder how many were made.

  4. My guess is in the few thousands, probably even less. It seems that they were intended for fully professional composers/musicians and maybe even for research, as they released the smaller 'Laboratory System 700'.. and the price tag was quite big.
    I've nver seen one for sale either, and i've seen many people posting on gear forums etc endlessly about them, with absolutley no replies.

    I'd love to own one of the little labs..