March 13, 2014

Roland M-OC1 Manual

Haven't done one of these in a while! And it's not true vintage Roland. The M-OC1 is an orchestral sound module from the mid 90's. I got one because I heard a rumor that House of Wires used one on You Are Obsolete. I love it! Used it quite a bit on the new Drums record. Anyway, just came across this little gem in the manual:

It strikes me as funny that they'd ask you to write down digital parameters on a piece of paper. Maybe that wasn't such a strange concept in 1995. And I love that they regret that it many not be possible to restore the data. The entire Roland corporation regrets that your data may be lost. I realize that not many will appreciate this humor, but I hope that you, my dear blog reader, will. 

I have quite a bit more to tell you... I did go to that Moog installation today and some strange things aligned in the universe. But it's getting late and it's time for bed so it will have to wait. Goodnight!


  1. Ah so is this just a sound module that is controlled with a midi keyboard?

    Are the orchestral sounds of the M-0C1 convincing, or has Roland's attempts to recreate real instruments ended in a special sound and charm? Like so many of the older products.


  2. Some of the sounds do sound really real in my opinion. ...some more than others. I guess it also sort of depends on how they're used. I really love the M-OC1. If you ever find one for a decent price, totally pick it up!