March 16, 2014

Moog Exhibit

So, as I mentioned earlier, the new Rough Trade shop in town has a Moog exhibit going all month long. I always feel so awkward going to these sorts of things. I never know what to do. You kind of fiddle with the instruments a little under the watchful eye of a salesmen who probably "doesn't get your art" or whatever. But! These things so rarely happen (though they are more frequent these days, in this city than I'd ever dreamt). So after a lovely dinner, at our favorite Italian restaurant, Peter and I made our way towards the river and that new Rough Trade shop. It was very cold! So cold that we said to ourselves "is this worth it? I don't know!"

Eventually we arrived at the store which was larger than expected and completely empty. We walked up the stairs to the exhibit and in the room were three guys who were all talking to one another but stopped as soon as they saw us. "And the awkwardness begins!" I thought to myself. Then as I assessed my surrounding I noticed that one of the guys, wearing a Moog shirt looked very familiar. We looked at each other for a split second before we both realized who we were.

His name was Andrew and we attended the same school together when we were kids in a very small town in Ohio (it's so crazy he ended up working for Moog, really is such a small world!). So we chatted and caught up for a few minutes. Then I realized that I recognized another guy in the room. I didn't know his name but I had met and talked to him quite a bit a couple years ago when we performed at the Moog Festival. His name was Trent and he was very eager to hear my feedback on all the Moog products I've been using. I told him that my number one complaint was that one couldn't delay the modulation on Moog instruments. I also told him that an auto-bend effect would be nice and a few other nit picky things. He was very receptive and wrote all my comments down and said that they would try to implement all these things on the new Moog Sub37 synthesizer. "How exciting to play a small part in electronic music history!" I thought to myself.

So, we all had a nice time and learned a valuable lesson about getting out and doing things. Also, the third guy in the room's name was Ian, and he was really cool. I actually saw him a couple days latter hanging around some other analog synthesizers, we had another nice chat then too. Ian, if you're reading this leave a comment and tell me how I can get in touch with you!

As an unexpected bonus, we happened upon this Ghost Box display. I do enjoy the music Ghost Box puts out, I've bought a few of their releases -- some physically and some digitally. I know now that Ghost Box will probably be something that in ten years I'll have to own everything and by then it will all be outrageously priced. I'll be kicking my self for not getting it all when it was right in front of me. But, that's just the way these things go I suppose. 


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  1. What a great story. It'll be exciting when the Sub37 comes out!