February 15, 2014

My Little C.S. Lewis Collection

As you know I am an avid fan of C.S. Lewis. I've always collected his books and books about him. But a few years ago I decided to get some of the real stuff, first editions! I also love old stuff, so the thought to get some first editions took root very easily once it appeared (probably also partly inspired by my dear friend Justin giving me a first edition of The Magician's Nephew about ten years ago as a Christmas present. One of the best Christmas presents of my life! Because of what it was, sure, but also the thought behind it).

Now, I'm also not a crazy collector person and I don't like to spend a lot of money on anything so I'm using the term "first editions" very loosely here. None of these book are first printings of first editions, but just second or third printings of first editions or first American editions,  -- that sort of thing. I actually never spent more than $30 on any of these books, and most of them I got for much less. I just keep an eye out for a good deal! It's all just for fun, you know!

Anyway, over the past few years I've managed to get some very old copies of The Space Trilogy, The Great Divorce, Broadcast Talks, The Screwtape Letters and more. It's a modest collection of about twenty books, but since they aren't really first editions anyway, I don't know how to count them properly (do I count my Narnia Puffin books? They're kind of old and lovely too!)

So yesterday the latest edition to the collection arrived in the mail; perhaps my favorite book of all time... Till We Have Faces!


  1. Hi Jacob,

    Great collections that you have there. I’m sure these books should smell very good. Yes, I like to close books on my nose ;)

    I’m reading my first CS.Lewis book: ‘Out of the silent Planet’. I really like it. Well, I read it in French cause my English is more than bad… The French title is ‘Au delà de la planète silencieuse’.

    I used a CS.Lewis bookcover to illustrate one of your video ‘Roads to Michigan’ on Youtube. I made another one too for ‘Deep in Heaven’. It’s such a great album  I could delete them if it’s a problem.


    Eric Maertens

  2. Eric! I love the smell of old books too. I don't know why exactly... maybe it's like the way people love wine... the smell of an old book is like that, a wonderful story that get's better with time.

    That's great that you're reading Out of the Silent Planet. You'll have to tell me what you thought when you're finished. I only just read it a couple years ago and loved it! I didn't like the sequel, Perelandra, very much but I'm about to start the third book, That Hideous Strength and I'm very excited about that, it's suposed to be amazing.

    That's for making those videos for me. I love them!