January 6, 2014

Roland S-770 Sampler + Projector

I've talked a little in the past of my interest in the Roland S series of samplers. Well, my friend David (of last post fame), sent me his Roland S-770 sampler a few weeks back -- he was trying to clear out some gear he wasn't using so much anymore. Anyway! You can connect the sampler to either a certain type of computer monitor or a television with a certain type of hook up and have a nice big display to work with. Well, I didn't have either of those things but I just realized today that my projector has just the sort of hook up I need! So here are a couple of pictures from my studio project today:

I still don't really know what I'm doing with this thing, I'll need to read the manual a bit. But I love the set up! And I love the vibe of having an old sampling computer program projected on the wall. Thanks David!


  1. That looks so awesome! I never thought of that idea! How could you not want to sample stuff now?

  2. You could also use a video capture dongle and display the samplers video in a window on your PC