January 17, 2014

And Speaking of the 808 - 808 Sound

This is one of the ____ Sounds that Armen (http://www.armensmusic.com/) made, who knows when.

Now, this post isn't actually about the 808 sound, which I know nothing about other than I imagine very few were made and this one sold on Ebay a few months back. I will say a few words about it's creator though. Let me preface all this by saying that I'm not trying to negative here, just informative. 

I think I reported a while back that Armen's repair shop was quite good. And it was for a while, I'd taken quite a few things there for repair and was always pretty happy with the results. But a while back I took my mini Roland System 100m there and there it sat.... for about six months. Armen told me he was looking for a box of System 100m parts he had but hadn't seen for a couple decades. So I took it back (Amren kept my $60 deposit). I then took it to Control (http://www.ctrl-mod.com/). They fixed it up good as new in about a week. Wonderful! Matt is the repair guy there and he is amazing. Keeps really good contact and makes sure you're aware of every repair he's doing and it's price. Mild Slopes now declares officially that Control is the best synthesizer repair shop in town (NYC). And since then I've taken about four other things to them and they've all come back perfect.


  1. armen has horrible customer service and bad used gear prices.

  2. At first I thought the 808 Sound thing was sort of cool. But then it struck me: the reason I got an 808 was in large part for the awesome sequencing interface. Just so simple and pleasing to use! And the rack mount version looks like it totally loses it. I know, everyone just cares about the sounds, so I must be the odd guy out here.

  3. Yeah, I totally agree.... I use the 808 more for it's sequencing (with the trigger outputs) than I do for it's sounds.