August 19, 2013

Alternative Music

Do you ever just get tired of listening to music? I do. But I also listen to a lot of music. I just love to listen to things though. So, sometimes when I get really burt out on music I look for alternatives to the types of music I normally listen to. I recently revisited Wendy Carlos' Sonic Seasoning (it can be rather nice on a long plane ride). And the sound that's occupying my ears these days is the Eurovision contest. Here's Spain's offering in 1979:


  1. ahh, I can completely relate.. I do listen to a lot of music, daily, and I tend to get tired of it. And then I go back to stuff I used to listen to long ago.

    Also, I'm sorry if you ever get across this lasts years Spain's entires for eurovision! Long ago there was good music in spain, I usually wonder where it is now!

    ps. I wasn't sure to share this, but it surely is an spanish classic so..!

  2. wow, i'm from spain, but this is not one of my favourite spanish songs for eurovision contest. I always prefer:

    Raphael (if jackie deshannon would be a spanish man).

    paloma san basilio.

    karina (his song like magical mystery tour's beatles).

    and a song from belgium, a synthethisers band in eurovision: Telex