July 27, 2013

What Went Wrong With Disney’s Worlds Fair

I'll get back to color theory in a bit, but I wanted to share this article with you real quick. While, Epcot may not be everything it was originally intended to be (or even anything close) I still love it and so do a lot of people. I feel like we're able to love it for what it is while still being remorseful for what might have been (which is the first city of the future). It's interesting to find an article this blunt, but it was published in 1983 so the author didn't have the myst of nostalgic time between himself and Epcot the way we do.  And it's not as if he has some sort of personal vendetta agains Epcot, he's just speaking frankly. This is the preface:

With Epcot, Walt Disney turned his formidable skills to building a city where man and technology could live together in perfect harmony. The result is part prophecy, part world’s fair. Here, America’s leading authority on technological history examines this urban experiment in the light of past world’s fairs, and tells why it fails where they succeeded—and why that matters.

You can read the whole article here:

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  1. I didn't read the whole article (page 1 of like 7!) but is an interesting idea. Reminds me of the VNV Nation album Automatic, especially the song "Streamline."

    "Aerodynamic dreams, across the stratosphere, foundation for tomorrow's way of life today."