July 17, 2013

Man in the Moon

Sorry it's been so quite around here lately! This blog is not dead, I promise you. I've just been so busy with a few projects - I'll show them to you soon. 

I found this little moon at a junk shop today. I think he's swell. What do you think?


  1. Oh, sorry about that. I'm in the middle of nowhere with a so so internet connection. Should be fixed now.

  2. Well, since the 501 was Roland's final tape delay, it's said to be their best. Finally got all the kinks worked out and all that. But honestly, I was originally drawn to it because it matched the era of Roland that I love best.

  3. That moon is lovely. I found a wooden pineapple at a junk shop once. It now hangs on my door.

  4. the moon is nice but the roland is nicer

  5. There it is! Is that a Roland red-orange for its mouth? ;)

    1. I think it just might be!

  6. I've been struggling all day to make up my mind about the title "Man in the Moon" and now I finally understand that why I got a dreamy feeling was because it made me think of Mim, from The Guardians Of Childhood.

    And yes, I believe the one here's fantastic. It's hard to find this little pieces nowadays