July 31, 2013

An Expostulation by C. S. Lewis

Against too many writers of science fiction

Why did you lure us on like this,
Light-year on light-year, through the abyss,
Building (as though we cared for size!)
Empires that cover galaxies
If at the journey's end we find
The same old stuff we left behind,
Well-worn Tellurian stories of
Crooks, spies, conspirators, or love,
Whose setting might as well have been
The Bronx, Montmartre, or Bedinal Green?

Why should I leave this green-floored cell,
Roofed with blue air, in which we dwell,
Unless, outside its guarded gates,
Long, long desired, the Unearthly waits
Strangeness that moves us more than fear,
Beauty that stabs with tingling spear,
Or Wonder, laying on one's heart
That finger-tip at which we start
As if some thought too swift and shy
For reason's grasp had just gone by?


  1. "Check it out guys... I'm about the beat the top score on Asteroids!" ;)

    I heard he wrote sci-fi. Interesting. Aslan in Space?

  2. why don't you discuss anything related to non-electronic focused musicians? like the field mice, the wake and such? while they aren't focused on pure synthesis, many artists still approach their much electronically, carefully designing their sounds like they would on a synth, even if they're using a guitars.

    I, for one, would love to see a top 5 album list of artists such as this. in my humble opinion, i don't think that would stray too far from this blog's subject matter.

    By the way, I saw you included hounds of love on your favorite electronic album list, which is an album that wouldn't necessarily be categorized as "electronic" by most casual listeners. so, i think you have a good idea of what i'm talking about :)

    i would even argue starflyer fits into this category! and fine china!

  3. This sounds great! (and I agree)

    So, how is The Space Trilogy? I've been wondering for a while if I should go through it or not