July 30, 2013

A Short Documentary About Cleaning A Korg Lambda

I recently came across this video about how to clean a Korg Lambda. It's by the same guy who did the Korg Lambda demonstration video I posted a while back. I think his music is just brilliant! I wish he would make a record. This cleaning tutorial is accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack that I presume he recorded entirely with the Lambda played by hand. 

It looks like he put a lot of work into cleaning this thing out, I can't imagine directing a video at the same time! But this really is a wonderful video. There are some truly magical moments, like when the keys return to the keyboard towards the end. Could you imagine stumbling across this video on a local PBS late at night?

1 comment:

  1. That was awesome...I love when he dumped all the keys in the bath tub... I wish I would have seen that on late night pbs.