July 20, 2013

A Christmas Yet To Come

I've never got on board with the whole "Christmas in July" thing. To me Christmas is snow and cold weather and right now it's ridiculously hot! I can't stand it! A Christmas Yet To Come is a much nicer way to think of it, I'd say. Not celebrating Christmas in July, but, rather, looking forward to the actual Christmas.

I just found this song Carol of the Bells by Joseph Byrd. It has a nice folky feel to it. I think a lot of synthesizer music pre-Kraftwerk hadn't really harnessed the power of the sequencer. I seems like it took them a while before they'd figured out how to lock together different sequences on different tracks so you ended up with one sequenced track and everything else played live around it. I think that's what's going on here: a nice, lose, organic, synthesized, future Christmas song. 

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