May 30, 2013

Don't Analyze

I think listening to The Cranberries' song Analyze is a great way to start a day. I do that sometimes. Today I listened to it ten times in a row. It has such a positive message. I've always had a problem with analyzing things too much --mostly when someone isn't nice to me.  It can really put me in a bad mood. I just dwell on it and analyze every cross word they said. It happened recently and for the first time I said to myself "Why am I letting this effect me so much? What is the quakerly way to deal with this?" and I just let it go.  I don't know that I've ever done that before. It's good to know you can still learn and grow when you get to be my age. The only thing you have any control over is yourself, and if you can help it, why let petty things effect you? 

Here's a lovely version of Analyze that The Cranberries performed at the Vatican's Christmas Concert in 2001 with a full orchestra. It looks like Dolores is having a little trouble with her monitor at the beginning, but by the first chorus she pulls it together and slams it home!

I just bought The Cranberries new album Roses. It's actually over a year old now. I'm always a little afraid when and band goes away for so long and then comes back. It can never really be the same. But I love them too much to not listen.

I also got my first pair of glasses today. I don't have a terribly strong prescription and I could never really afford them before so I just went without. But now that I have them, gosh, everything is so clear. I think I'm hooked.


  1. Great song! Live orchestras should be used more often to backup bands / singers.

    Next thing you know you'll be looking at contact lenses (or is that 'looking through?') ;)

  2. Hey, welcome to Glasses World! I didn't realize that you needed them!

    Also good advice about over-analyzing. I do that too. Big time.

  3. Hey, welcome to Glasses World! I didn't realize you needed them!

    And good advice about over-analyzing stuff. I do that too. Big time.