April 29, 2013

Rainy Days and Mondays and DIN Sync

Are things so boring that I must resort to talking about the weather? Well, actually I've always thought that weather was an interesting topic, and I think it increasingly with age (there is also an outside influence). Anyway, It got me thinking about how weather can effect one's mood. Usually on dreary, rainy days like today my mood reflects the weather, but I guess I'm just so content with the world right now that it hasn't. Also, I'm currently re-reading The Elements of Style (the second edition with the lovely introduction by E. B. White) because, as you've probably noticed, I have rather poor grammar and virtually no writing style. In the book the author talks about how we must always assume that the reader is in some sort of peril and it is the job of the writer to pull him out of it. So, in that regard I believe I've failed you, reader, with my last two posts. 

I, of all people, know how easily one's mood can shift; with my pitiful emotions always so close to the surface.  All it takes is something as common as a toothache or a broken heart and suddenly the world comes crashing down again. When that happens, the trick is to always be as productive as you can. Write a list of all the things you're going to accomplish in your day and then do them! I know when you're on the wrong side of joyfulness that all the songs you try to write sound awful and all the pictures you try to draw don't come out right. But keep trying! Something is bound to happen. And if nothing else, you can take some comfort in knowing that you didn't let your gloom get the best of you. 

What do I have on the books today? Some experiments involving my Garfield Electronics Mini Doc controlling my Roland CSQ-600 sequencer. After a little research last night I'm wondering if the mysterious "CSQ Sync" is just Sync24. If this is the case it could solve all my problems (or at least one of my problems). 


  1. But why? those two last posts where some of my favourites! they cheered me up, they transmitted a lot.

    I'm surely awful at trying to say what I mean, but what's funny is that I actually wanted to tell you in those last posts,(tough never posted the comment) that I love your way of writting, You've got a way of writting that as I said before transmits a lot, but also, carries the readers away, as in a tale, and somehow, ask you if you'd ever tought of writting anything like a story, a book or a tale itself.. but I don't know.

    Anyway, isn't it funny that as easily as it is to get your mood shifted for the worse, it can also, as easily as before, get changed for the better without any other big reason, too, than the weather, f.e. I do believe weather is important.

  2. Hey thanks! It's true... emotions are so fickle. Thank goodness it goes in both directions and isn't just constantly falling off a cliff. I've written stories since I was little but I don't know that any of them are every good. Maybe I'll write a little story for this blog. I did sort of write a little one a while back about Elisha Gray.

  3. that sounds nice! can I ask if there are snowy days involved somewhere?!

    I'm pretty fond of little stories, I love reading them, but also, I think I probably like them because when I wrote some, if they were too long I didn't finish them, I feel like I'm really bad at endings!(and I just tend to do lots of drawings of such story and not really write it)