April 24, 2013

Oh, Virginia!

I must be getting old; I've really been enjoying my mornings. Today it was with Virginia Astley. She's the only new (well, new to me) artist that I've fallen in love with in the past five years. She really does exactly what she wants, doesn't she? How inspiring! It would seem such a simple concept to make music that sounds just as one thinks it should. Why are we so inhibited? I'm listening to her album 'Had I the Heavens'. It was hard for me to get past the perfection of 'Hope in a Darkened Heart', but I'm starting to think 'Heavens' is some of her best work. It's a little more understated than '...Darkened Heart'. And while I do miss Ryuichi Sakamoto's production, it's also nice to hear Virginia more in her own world. 

I've been hoping the cold weather would last, it's my favorite time of year. But it's hard not to enjoy the drops of golden sun today. I've got all the windows open and can hear a lawn mower off in the distance. It's so nice not living so deep in the city anymore. When I was a kid I used to think it would be strange to live so close to a cemetery. Now that I do, I rather enjoy it. It's very peaceful... especially with a hot cup of chai tea with honey and fresh ground cinnamon. Too much information, I'm sure.

Anyway, the point is: I love Virginia Astley. I think she's perfect in every way. And I'm glad that I'm me and I'm glad that you're you. We're all exactly who we're meant to be. The more we can accept that fact about ourselves and others the more we can live harmonious, happy, simple lives. We do have the heavens!


  1. she has a lot of class, it is really rare to see women like that in music and in real life ha ha

  2. What I meant was rather, what are your other top favorite women in music but nevermind.

  3. Besides Virginia and Kate Bush I don't know. I enjoy Bjork sometimes (Vespertine is a great album but everything else is a little hit or miss for me). Wendy Carlos and Delia Derbyshire have a lot of interesting work.