April 23, 2013

A Brisk Morning with Dance House Children

I woke up much earlier than usual today. It was still somewhat dark out as I made my way to work and it was cold too; maybe the last cold day we'll get. Surely the last day I'd be needing my big coat with the hood that zips up to cover half my face. While deciding what music to listen to on my walk I came across Dance House Children's 'Jesus' album. It's such a wonderful and somewhat jarring way to start one's day. The first song, 'Once Upon Your Lips', is mild enough for early morning listening but then we launch straight into the most intense song on the record: 'The Locket Maker'. It is so ridicules that a song with that title would sound the way it does. I was reminded of when I was a kid and discovered this music. It had tricked me into thinking that I loved electronic music --which of course I do, but I mean real electronic music with those pounding, four-on-the-floor kick drums, machine-gun-snare rolls and all sorts of needlessly harsh sounds.

Walking along the busy highway with the freezing wind in my face and 'A Lull In The Fairest Maple' blasting in my ears, I was instantly transported back to my basement bedroom when I was twelve years old. Having one of my "raves" which involved Christmas lights draped across my keyboards and me laying on the floor by myself looking up at my miniature disco ball spin around while I listened to Dance House Children. I was clearly confused by musical genres back then. I thought because Joy Electric had a song with the word 'disco' in the title that I enjoyed disco. I thought I was having a "rave" in my bedroom as I lazily blew soap bubbles in the constant flicker of a strobe light. Years later I'd see an episode of the news program 20/20 with Barbara Walters that would effectively dispel all of my delusional ideas about raves. 

I was so naive when I was young, and I look back on those years fondly; especially the years when I transitioned between my future plans of a life in the circus to my interests in electronic music. For me, discovering Ronnie Martin's music, Joy Electric and Dance House Children, must have been like when C.S. Lewis first read Phantastes by George Macdonald (because of course I'm very like C.S. Lewis). I used to miss it all so much and wish I could go back there. I thought life could never be as good as those innocent times. But I don't wish that anymore. Mornings like today remind me that I don't need to go back. It all still exists inside my head. I am still there. I'm still me. I haven't changed, there's just more of me. And it's hard to imagine now but I suppose when it's time for me to die, I'll be alright with that too. By then I'm sure I'll have had listened to Dance House Children millions of times and had enough perfect brisk mornings, sleepy kisses, cups of tea and buttery english muffins to cary me off, quite satisfied, into eternity.


  1. Love "Wisteria Time," great choice to post it for the end of this blog entry.

    Maybe raves should be strobe lights, bubbles and Christmas lights with DHC blasting...

  2. I think this is my favorite post

  3. Great track - it has a new perspective with this post.