February 22, 2013

Kyoto University Microcomputer Club

Normally I don't repost things from the Matrix Synth blog. They have their own thing going on and I have mine and the two have very little to do with one another. But there is something they posted a few years ago that intrigued me:

Now, I think these photos are pretty interesting on their own, but what is also interesting is that the very same day they were posted with no explanation, an anonymous source provided an explanation in the comments section. It's pretty cryptic, but I think you can extract the essence of what's going on. And I encourage you to read it all because the end is the best part. Here it is:

KMC(Kyoto University microcomputer club) としての activity 
•A November, 1979 festival(1,979.11) 

The third year when this age founds Kyoto University microcomputer club. I did the synthesizer concert that I did from the last year in this year. I borrowed a synthesizer for studios of Roland System 700 on a stage of Kyoto University Yoshida ground and installed it and I made sounds on a stage and played it automatically. However, a girl called it for the time being (and I increase) and played live broadcasting because a handle player did not become live broadcasting if there was not it. As for the program, as for the classical music, the soundtrack, the popular music, I am various. A photograph of this year is left only to these two leaves. In addition, I received photo courtesy from Mr. Nakamura Mitsuru. (LINKS TO PICTURES)
•A November, 1980 festival(1,980.11) [A souvenir picture] 

It is a November festival at the age of a sophomore. I of this year made efforts in a synthesizer concert still more. I added a copy of YMO to a program, but this was popular. Because a lot of photographs stay, I introduce even this partly. (LINKS TO PICTURES HERE)
It was fine, and temperature of System -700 rose by direct rays of the sun, and tuning was out of order to understand it if I looked. After all machinery for studios is not good unless I use it in a studio. Because in this way I did it in the room, the rehearsal did not notice such a thing.

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