January 24, 2013

One Of Those Days...

I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to the insides of electronics but I usually do alright cleaning them out when need be. Today I cleaned off the heads of my Tascam 234, then while trying to clean the rubber pinch roller a lot of inky black residue came off. The more I cleaned the more came off and eventually the roller was a sticky, gooey mess. 

After doing a little research I discovered that this tends to happen with these 234s. I am not the first to be in this predicament. So I called my mentor Jon Sonnenberg (artoftravelogue.com), told him I also had a Tascam 112 and it looked like they had the same roller. He gave me some good advice. I checked to see if it was in fact the same roller. It was. Tascam P/N: 5800891200 if you ever find yourself in this "sticky" situation.

I went about switching them out. The first road block I hit is rather embarrassing. I couldn't get the thing open... that is, I couldn't get the face plate off (I'm not kidding in my "not an authorized technician" disclaimer!) . I called David (thecompleatsynthesizer.com), who is now the proud owner of four 234s and has some history with them. He walked me through the first few steps, but in the end we both decided I wasn't up to the task and that the best thing to do would be to take it into a shop.

So now here I am venting my frustrations to you: my sympathetic reader. I also don't have nay food in the house so I've just about eaten an entire tin of peppermint bark left over from Christmas. This scene is especially dismal with my Christmas tree still standing in the corner. I was hoping I could keep it until at least February but I think it's time to let go. The only upside to this day is that Peter and I have already decided to go to our favorite restaurant tonight. 

This is when I gave up. I put a little angel ornament on top to pray for it. 


  1. switch on a synth Mr Mild.......

  2. Too bad I'm not closer, I would have given it a try. I tend to find my way around things like that, tinkering with electronics or car parts in order to fix something. I've replaced the battery on an SY-77 I used to have, and removed all the evil blank tar-gunk from my Rogue Moog many years ago. Looks like you did OK getting as far as you did, though!

    One hint I can give, a lot of times it involves removing a lot more stuff than you imagine just to get to the one thing you need to fix. :-S