January 9, 2013

Friday, etc.

I'm going to miss this month's C.S. Lewis society meeting on Friday because some friends are coming into town. I had meant to finish reading That Hideous Strength before this month's meeting (which is about C.S. Lewis and the Apocalyptic Imagination) but I never did and now I'm not going to the meeting and now I'm hooked on another book! I'll tell you all about it later... it's a good one! One of these days I'll finish That Hideous Strength and when I do, I'll reread Out of the Silent Planet. Thus far it's been my favorite of the Space Trilogy but everyone talks up That Hideous Strength so much, can it possibly live up to the hype? I'm still hoping for another Lewis book that I love as much as Till We Have Faces. Perhaps this is the one?

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