January 24, 2013

Cool Mod!

I don't usually like modifications to equipment but that's mostly because I don't like the way it can mess up the aesthetic. There's usually no effort to match knobs or colors or anything like that. Well, here is a nice, practical and (most importantly) nonintrusive modification to give an SH-09 some modular capabilities: 

Now, I don't want to become one of those blogs that just constantly reposts auction listings, but if you are interested it is currently for sale:

Thanks Justin for the tip!


  1. That's pretty cool! I dislike a lot of the circuit-bent stuff that shows up on ebay, also because it's often turned a nice-looking piece of equipment into something sad. Anyway, this is a much better alternative. I'd like to add patch points to an SH-101 sometime. Maybe this would be a good method?

  2. Yeah! Totally. Are you capable of something like this?

  3. Were currently working on something similar at my synth boutique. Though not as proprietary. Something that could work with anything cv/g