January 31, 2013

Cascading Slopes Local Concerts

Our first is tonight. Three more next month. 


  1. Roland CPE-800! So nice.

  2. I really like how delicate this video is..

    Hope the first show was a good one and I'm sure the ones that are to come will be great too!

  3. what were you guys playing at your new york show? thought i saw an mc202 up there but have no idea what you were playing. very curious.

  4. Roland: SH-1, EP-09, MC-202, SMX-880, SPD-S drum pad (with CR-78 samples)

    Tascam 112

  5. Hello!
    I've been doubting for quite a while whether to share this or not, but I guess that in a way, I still wanna share it. I'm really sorry if in the end it's a bother.

    A while back, some months after hearing about CS I started to think about a kind of cover art I would do, for the sake of it. I just had so much joy thinking about smth to do that would suit it somehow. And then, quite a lot of months later I finally finished it. (In the process, though, the idea changed quite a bit influenced by Isao Tomita's work too, which I discovered thanks to you too ^^)

    Well, everything said, here it is:


    Hope it's alright :) Best wishes!

  6. Hey, I think that looks really great! Such a wonderful vibe. I think it fits in well with my songs, and certainly with Tomita's Clair de Lune.

  7. Oh! Thanks! :) I was a little bit afraid you'd think it doesn't fit with your music at all!

    And thank you for your nice words!