December 17, 2012

Bags Time

I'm just going to say it. Everyone was thinking it and I'm going to say it. Sometimes vintage synthesizers come in really nice cases (I think some of those Arps had pretty great cases, remember those?). Remember that old Russian Roland knock off I was going on about a while back? No? Well, maybe this will refresh your memory: Электроника ЭМ 25

Anyway, that thing came in a really nice bag. And two different versions! Check 'em out:

And don't forget about this great bag!:

Also, here is an english translation of the parameters on that EM-25:

For further reading check out the Museum of Soviet Synths:


  1. "Ruskeys," haha! Interesting that they went through the trouble of making a carry case for their KO synth.

    My Rogue came with the original shipping box & styrofoam, but I felt it deserved more of a proper case. I designed one and my stepdad built it for me. I'm sure you've seen it before, but here it is again ;)

    But I still think the Promise Book's Rogue Moog suitcase is the best.

  2. Oh yeah, I think I saw pics of your wooden Rogue case years and years ago. it is super nice though! And nice to have a little extra space on the sides for other gadgets!

    That's funny you have a picture of that pb case. I forgot all about that.