November 2, 2012

Thomas Dolby - Airwaves (Demo)

This was released on a Cassette compilation in 1981 by the Belgian label Crepuscule. Airwaves has always been my favorite Thomas Dolby song but I like this demo even more than the final album version. 

Dolby said that he recorded it in his back room in London well before he had a record deal. The drums are a Boss DR-55.

Little update: Just came upon this quote...
"At that time my equipment consisted of an upright piano; a Roland JP4; a MicroMoog; a Boss Dr Rhythm drum machine; a Tascam Portastudio 4-track cassette, and an Akai stereo cassette for mixdown." 


  1. I saw your previous post about the gate+trigger function on the sh09. It's weird because even when my sh09 is set to "gate" and not "gate+trigger" I can still hold a higher note and play lower notes all while the higher note is still pressed. Does this mean there's something wrong?

  2. My LFO lets me do the same thing. Do you know if this is how it's supposed to be or if there's something wrong? Help!

  3. No, this is normal. It's called "low note priority". It's pretty common with all monophonic synthesizers. The difference between setting your 09's envelope to Gate or Gate + Trigger is that when it's set to Gate + Trigger it will re-trigger the envelope generator when you activate that low note priority. If it were set to only Gate and you hit a lower note it wouldn't re-trigger the envelope which means you wouldn't hear the filter or amp open up any more than it already is: the note wouldn't sound bright in the way they normally do.

  4. Have a broken DR-55. Need to fix it. Been years!

  5. Have had a broken DR-55 for years. Need to fix that girl:-/