October 30, 2012

Strange Sequence

A Halloween treat for you. It isn't much, but I don't really enjoy Halloween --do we really need a holiday to celebrate Lucifer and his devils? It's unfortunate because it falls right in the middle of my favorite time of year. There are so many wonderful things about autumn and Halloween is a blight on them all. 


  1. Halloween is about spiders! :)

  2. Halloween is wonderful. You've got this all wrong.

  3. I agree, we are not even from America but my mum made me make a jackel-lantern, its like who cares?

  4. And then all the bugs and ants you've killed come back as phantoms and they steal your food and mess with your things, and that's not funny.
    Though if you try hard and apologize they may forgive you and you can have a party together..

    No, but really. If we celebrated Halloween here I think I'd love it. It seems to be so wonderful!