October 6, 2012

Remember the Old Ways

...It is a favorite quote from Prince Caspian. Lewis certainly valued the old ways, especially those of the 19th century. "Chronological snobbery" was his term for the world's eagerness to get on with their modernness. I'm naturally inclined to agree with him but I do think (and this is only a very recent development) that in the same way one could be snobbish about modernness, one could also be snobbish about one's reluctance to it --perhaps even more so these days.  

In John Edminster's tract, Jesus Christ Forbids War (The Witnessing Coordinating Committee of the New York Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends 2007), he says:

"Today a great lie goes masquerading in Christ's robes. It appears wherever apologist for war, or lethal injection, or lying, ravaging the earth, or profiteering off human weakness, seek to persuade us that these evils are O.K for Christians to take part in. How easily they fool us! We're all too eager to imagine God smiling on all the old, familiar ways that the world does things: think how our ancestors bought into slavery, genocide, the whipping of children and the subjugation of women!"

1 comment:

  1. I wish there were many more people who understood that.

    I think change and development are good, but the thing is that with change you leave behind not only bad things, but good ones too. And that's its sad side.