October 27, 2012

Middle Eastern Synthesizers

Just came across this beautiful demo of the Roland SH-2000. I usually only enjoy music in western scales but this is just really stunning. I also like that polyphonic sound he's making on some other keyboard --at first I thought it was a midnight train going by outside his window.

I suppose there's a little bit of a nostalgic edge to this for me too. I reminds me of years spent in a dark break room in Adventureland at Walt Disney World with middle eastern music from the attached gift shop leaking in. I hated it at first but ended up liking it at some point.

If you're looking for more middle eastern analog synthesizer music I can recommend Synthesizing Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat by Charanjit Singh. It was recorded in India in 1982 with a Roland Jupiter 8, TR-808 and TB-303. People made a big deal about this record when it was unearthed a few years back, saying he'd invented house music way before it's time and things like that. Well, I don't really know enough about house music to confirm or deny that. But this album seems little more than a curiosity to me, especially after hearing the majesty of the above video.

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