October 16, 2012

Fairmont, Minnesota Monthly Synthesizer Meeting November 21st 1996

Good evening everyone, thanks for coming out tonight! Looks like we have a great turn out even though the weather isn't cooperating --I guess we all value synthesizers more than our own safety! I'm just kidding but hopefully the snow will let up by the time we're finished here! 

Anyway, the first order of business is that David Barnhart wanted me to let you all know that he's started a new blog, which is sort of like an online journal, called The Complete Synthesizer and you can find that by logging onto www.thecompleatsynthesizer.com. Thanks for sharing that David, we're all very excited to check it out! Also, Bill wants to know if anyone in the group has the Roland MC-505 software and if they'd be willing to copy it onto a floppy disk for him --is that right Bill?

Bill stands up sheepishly, "Not quite, I'm looking for the mkII operating system software, and if anyone is able to make a copy for me, I could provide my own floppy disk. Also, I still have an MC-4 for sale. If anyone's interested in that come see me afterwards during coffee hour."


  1. The song, I completely needed something like this right now. Really, so beautiful but yet, mysterious. At least that's the way I feel about it. Perfect (in my mind) for a landscape with snowy mountains and a frozen lake.

  2. Hey, hello Jacob!

    I'm Hector, the engineer guy from IMER (public radio in Mexico City) who asked you about your synths in the recording session. It's a great blog you have. I've been reading through it. I like it a lot. Hopefully, my Polysix will be ready this week. I'm pretty excited, since I got it cheap, but in an almost trash condition, and now it has been revived (the infamous battery corroding the PCB issue, besides a lot more). Let's see what happens!!!

    Cheers from Mexico, I hope you liked my town, and had a great show last weekend.

  3. so i finally got my sds8... can you help me here?