October 6, 2012

And Speaking of Joy Electric...

Here is Whose Voice Will Not be Heard the first track released from the forthcoming Dwarf Mountain Alphabet. The first time in over a decade that polyphony has been used on a Joy Electric release. Word on the street is that it's from one of the Roland Juno's.


  1. It's incredible... it has such a fresh sound to it! I'm so glad he moved away from the "monosynth only" mentality. It was fun for a while, but it shouldn't have defined (and restricted) his work through the years for quite as long.

    It reminds me a bit of "Favorites at Play," which I also really liked.

  2. damn, great track, but i shouldn't have listened to the version you put on your cassette! i think i fell in love with the live version so i was initially underwhelmed. it gets better with every listen though. has this ever happened to you?

  3. All the time. Tis a harsh reality in life.