September 29, 2012

A Mild Studio

This is a panoramic photo of my new studio setup. 


  1. where's the roland promars? and juno 60? otherwise, super jelly.

  2. I mostly use the ProMars for touring. I actually don't have a Juno 60 but I do have a juno 6 which I've had since I was a kid. I'm quite fond of it. The Juno 6 and RS-09 are surely the two synths that made me fall in love with Roland at an early age. But I don't use the 6 much because of the digital oscillators.

  3. Facebook "like" ;)

    Is that your modular dead center and to the back? If so glad to see it's still kicking. What about the Rogue Moog in the suitcase?

  4. Never knew you had a Jupiter 8 Jacob.

    Is the keyboard above the SH-09 controlling your small set of System 100m modules?


  5. No, I use that midi controller to program the MSQ-700 next to it, which is used to control the Jupiter 8. The System 100m is controlled by the SH-09 and CSQ-600 in the middle row. I have two Boss J-5 multiples that split the CV and Gate signals.

    I actually got rid of all my Moog equipment years ago. All Roland and Tascam now.

  6. Looks wonderful!!
    I just wanna say thankyou for making me fall in love with synths again. I was brought up on these, and have rediscovered them thanks to you and your music.
    Keep making beautiful things, and looking forward to your solo project :)

  7. Hey thanks Lucy! And be sure to be careful around wardrobes!

    1. Haha I will, I was actually named after that Lucy :) my parents loved the stories and always read them to me when I was young Xx

  8. Ah nuts. I wish I could have bought that suitcase, even though I already have a case for my Rogue.

  9. It looks wonderful! Can't wait to hear what comes out of this.
    The rack in the middle, does that only contain preamps? wich ones?
    And a very cool picture. What camera do you use?

  10. what other pieces of equipment do you own? Do you have an ep09? If yes, what do you think of it? Also, what's underneath the Rv100 and what's all the stuff under the system 100m? just curious.

  11. The rack unit contains a 360 Systems Midi Patcher, Vesta Kozo CV / Gate sampler / delay, Tascam Us-2000 interface, Roland SPV-355 synthesizer, Patch bay, Roland SEQ-315 graphic equalizer, Roland SMX-880 mixer, Roland SIP-300 preamp, Tamscam 112 Cassette recorder.

    Under the RV-100 is a Roland DC-30 analog delay. Under the System 100m is a Garfield Electronics Mini Doc.

    I do have an EP-09. Perhaps a will write a post about it soon.