August 5, 2012

Tomita - When You Wish Upon A Star

Tomita was always my favorite of the great synthesizer pioneers. Ever since I found his Snowflakes Are Dancing record in a thrift store as a teenager. His compositions just seemed to have a little more character and a little more texture than Jarre or Carlos or the rest of them. Anyway, here he is doing a little mini cover of the Disney classic, with his signature whistley-lead sound.

And here's a great interview of Tomita From Keyboard Magazine in 1977:


  1. Very nice! The whistley sound reminds me of these short stargazer segments that would air on PBS stations back in the 90s. I can't remember the name of the show, but the guy was like 50 something and very enthusiastic about astronomy.

  2. oh.. at minute 1:09 my heart melted. Love it. Always loved the song (who doesn't?) and this is such a nice cover.

    Good, good way to end today.

  3. Tona, perhaps you should check out his Snowflakes are Dancing album. It's all synthesizer and because he's Japanese it sort of has that Studio Ghibli vibe to it that you like. I also love Studio Ghibli music. It's not electronic really but you might want to check out an album called KIRIKO sings "Studio Ghibli Films music" with an ERHU. I love it. But at any rate, do check out this Tomita song, it's just lovely:

    Actually, I'm sure you'll love it, right when the big orchestral strings sound kicks in at 00:37s it has this wonderful Sleeping Beauty / Swan Lake sort of sound and then it sort of does a little duet with a clock chime sound. But it just goes all over the place and even has a weird goose sound that gives the whole thing a very Peter and the Wolf feeling.

  4. Also, I do agree that this song is a good way to end a day. One thing I miss most living up north is that when I used to work at Disney World I used to watch the fireworks after work almost every night and hearing this song just as a little spark shot across the sky always made me glad.

  5. I DO love it! Really. It has that "something" that makes it wonderful. Maybe it's having all you've talked about, that makes it special.
    Is it weird that it seems familiar to me? I feel as if I've listened to it before, but I can't make up my mind where from.

    I'm going to see a "rain of stars" (idk if its said like that in english) and I just thought how wonderful it would be if my friends would let me play Snowflakes are Dancing on the backround.. maybe in a more winter time it would be better, but I'm not gonna be choosy about that.

    I knew about that "KIRIKO sings Ghibli" album, and I've loved it since I first found about it. Yeah, it's not electronic, but it's so nice, and all those lovely songs playing and.. I just really, really like the album, and well, Ghibli music in general. I'm so glad you thought of me.

    Thankyou so much, I've been listening to the Kiriko album through the afternoon, and now that's night time, I'm listening to Tomita's one, once again.

    pd. It seems so nice to end the day that way. I would miss that too.

  6. I believe all the songs on Snowflakes Are Dancing are reworks of old classical songs (very liberal interpretations I'm sure!) or at least borrows from them, so you probably have heard it somewhere before. Glad you like it though!

  7. umm! that might be.

    :) thanks