August 20, 2012

The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe 1979

When I was a kid I was completely obsessed with Narnia. My parents and grandparents read me the books early on and one year for Christmas my gramma gave me a bunch of animal puppets, including a lion, in order to 'make my own Narnia plays'. I did make my own Narnia plays with those puppets. Making Narnia plays and drawing pictures of Narnia occupied a lot of my time as a child as I remember it. My childhood was a good time to be a Narnia fan; from the ages of 4 to 6 were the years when the BBC (via PBS in America) ran the live action Narnia series. But my first encounter with a Narnia film was this animated version of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe from 1979. I don't remember how old I was, but it was during a family summer vacation (to Alabama I think). It was on tv and I just couldn't believe it. This animated version seemed like such a rare jewel when I was a kid. My gramma had taped the BBC series for me when they'd aired (as much as she was able to anyway... there where a few bits missing here and there but I was eternally grateful for the parts she did manage to get). But the animated version was no where to be found. I don't think it was mass produced and distributed back then. Then one day I found it! It was at a Christian book store a few towns away, but only to rent. I rented it every chance I got. And the hunt for this white stag has gone on for most of my life. It officially ended in 2005 when it was made into a DVD to promote (or more likely to cash in on) the release of Disney's Narnia franchise. Since then I've never been without it.

In 2006 a special edition DVD was released that included this deleted scene as bonus material:

There is a great account of when it originally aired on CBS in two parts, spread across two nights, in April 1979 on The Haunted Closet Blog:


  1. you know you can get the tv show on dvd. my grandma taped it aswell and we watched it a lot but I wish i'd read the books instead.

  2. Yes, I've had the DVD for a while now. It's never too late to read the books!

  3. I AM reading them. I'm reading the Silver chair.