August 26, 2012

More Animated Narnia, 1979

These amazing storyboards from the animated version of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe along with some other great conceptual art and animation cells from the film can be found at the Bill Melendez Productions website:

Also, the soundtrack from this film is one of my favorites! Here's a song from it (it really takes off at about 1:10):


  1. That's indeed such a good piece of soundtrack. As if something wonderful, big, but not too much was happening.

    Though I don't know at all when this piece plays, 'cause I've never seen nor heard about the animated version before. Anyway I like that in the web you get to see the traditional way of animation, which I've always loved, though it's hard work.

  2. If you're interested you can watch the whole movie here:

  3. How wonderful! the ending is so magic with the soundtrack playing.

    Here is something in return. :) I just found it and thought that maybe you would enjoy it. A little sad though.

    pd. You'll find the link to the english subtitled version on the information.

  4. That's great! I had heard of it but never seen it before.

  5. oh, glad you liked it then. :)
    There has been a little bit of movement with it lately, that's how I've found it.

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