August 10, 2012

Heresy In Narnia?

I just finished reading a book called Heresy In Narnia? Departures From Evangelical Orthodoxy in the Writings of C.S. Lewis, and well, the title sort of says it all. It was an interesting read. It's about Lewis' ideas that certain stories in the Bible were myths, his belief in evolution, etc -- it's just a really thorough investigation of all his deviations from Evangelical Orthodoxy. The whole thing was quite thought provoking. It was an E-book, I don't know if that somehow devalues the work... I don't think so.

This book, The C.S. Lewis Hoax, just turned up in the mail today! I'm excited to read it. I've just gone through a lot of the stuff Walter Hooper put out (the Through Joy and Beyond documentary, Past Watchful Dragons, The Dark Tower) -- all things published after Lewis' death and all things that Kathryn Lindskoog argues the validity off. I love a good intrigue!

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